A couple of days after assuming office, the new Minister of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts (MINPMEESA) BASSILEKIN III on Thursday 24 January 2019 carried out a contact tour of some structures under the supervision of his ministry.

As a matter of fact, he started his tour today, at the Enterprise Creation Procedure Centre (ECPC), at the Centre Regional Delegation and at the Yaoundé International Handicraft Centre (CIAY).

During all these stages, the Minister presided over working sessions which enabled him to listen to his collaborators. At the Enterprise Creation Procedure Centre for instance, he was briefed on the shortcomings related to the creation of enterprises as well as the exiguity of the centre.

At the Centre Regional Delegation, the concerns were based on the improvement of
the working conditions of the personnel.

Concerning the CIAY, problems linked to the accommodation of craftsmen and
opportunities for accessing markets of handicraft products through the Virtual Gallery dominated the exchanges.

In each situation, the MINPMEESA boss promised to bring solutions to the different
grievances. In the ECPC, he took the commitment to trim the deadlines of enterprise creation. At the Centre Regional Delegation, he promised an improvement of personnel working conditions.

At the end, the Minister expressed satisfaction at the contact tours which enabled him to appreciate the reality on the ground. He came out of it with a feeling of the sense of the duty to be done especially concerning the improvement of existing structures, the noted strong mobilisation and the enthusiasm t in this desire to render the enterprise more productive. He prescribed the dynamization of all activities around handicrafts.

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