General secretariat

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The Secretariat General shall be placed under the authority of a Secretary General, the main collaborator of the Minister, who scrutinises the affairs of the Ministry and receives the necessary delegations of signature.

 Missions :

  • coordinates the activities of the central administration and devolved services of the Ministry. In this connection, the Secretary General holds coordination meetings at the end of which Minutes and reports are forwarded to the Minister; 
  • defines and codifies the internal procedures of the Ministry;
  • ensures the continuous training of personnel and organises, under the supervision of the Minister, seminars and recycling, retraining and specialisation courses;
  • follows-up under the supervision of the Minister, the activities of attached services whose action programme he shall approve and whose progress reports shall be forwarded to him.
  • Ensures that files are processed expeditiously, centralises archives and manages the documentation of the Ministry;
  • follows-up and evaluates upgrading programmes of small and medium sized enterprises, social economy and handicraft actors, in partnership with sector administrations and bodies.