Bank of SMEs


The mission of the SME bank is to provide enterprises promoters with financing facilities in an economy in which SMEs represent nearly 95% of the country’s economic fabric. Its development strategy shall be based on the principle of supporting its target clientele with the funding they will receive. And this, in close collaboration with the concerned public institutions that are, among others, the SMEs Promotion Agency; the Upgrading Bureau; the Subcontracting and Partnership Stockexchange; the Authorized Management Centres, the Enterprises Creation Procedures Centres. This accompaniment has three main goals:


  • the structuring of management;
  • the information watch;
  • the computerization of the exploitation of our customers.

In this regard, it expects to synergize with its various national and foreign partners, the following strategic assets, in accordance with the objectives of the government policy for the promotion of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises:

  • Low cost credit offer, compared to our main competitors;
  • Substantial increase in funding for SMEs / SMIs and craftspeople;
  • The implementation of specific facilities for SMEs / SMIs / HPUs (Handicraft Production Units);
  • The accompanying policy of its target clientele.

With a capital of 10 billion with the state for sole shareholder, the SMEs bank comes to light in an environment where most Smes promoters have great difficulty in accessing bank credit from conventional banks

Its mission is to support and supervise SMEs and craftspeople in the country.

“Access to finance for SMEs is no longer a dream”. This is the slogan of the Cameroonian SMEs Bank. The BCPME, which opened on 20 July 2015, offers a package of services and products “structured and adapted to the needs of SMEs”. To be a candidate for one of these services, it is necessary to have a commercial register justifying its quality of SME, and to pay at least the withholding tax. These are some specific services, apart from traditional services :

  • the financing of purchase orders and contracts,
  • advances on certified invoices,
  • 100% secured facility financing,
  • the bond on the market,
  • the financing of traders,
  • the financing of the assets and that of the liberal professions.

The loans are granted three months after the opening of the accounts. And we insist on the fact that even if you have your business is still on paper, you have a place at the BCPME who has made arrangements to get it settled. Indeed, the bank works with the SME Promotion Agency in the setting up, creation and financing of companies.

The policy interest rate at BCSPE is 11%, which is advantageous compared to other financial institutions. However, they are negotiable when the amount of credit is very high.

The creation of the BCPME was announced by the President of the Republic Paul Biya in 2011, during the holding of the agro-pastoral show in Ebolowa.

The management team : Théodore Foumena Nkodo, PCA,

Agnès Ndoumbé Mandeng, CEO,

Amadou Haman DGA, was appointed in June 2014. It took them a year to establish the operating procedures of this bank, including the purchase of equipment, infrastructure, recruitment of staff, establishment of credit lines, study of files.

According to statistics, there are more than 400,000 companies in the informal sector and out of these, 99% are SMEs.

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