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Any eligible registered craftsperson at the Crafts people’s Council Office (CCO) of their council area

*** How is the selection made?

The selection is made according to the 2007 law governing handicraft in Cameroon. It begins at the Divisional, Regional and then National level. Also, during registration at craftspeople Council office, information is provided on the identity of the craftsperson or craft firm, the sector of the craft concerned, the description of the activity carried out, and the location of the said activity.

      • Any prices or awards collected by craftspeople in Cameroon? In which domains?
      • Nigeria: Best Consistent and Participating Country
      • Nigeria: The award of “Best New Invention” for the transformation of “Waste to Wealth” in 2019.
      • Ouagadougou: 3rd best National stand

***  In which domains?

  • Craft;
  • Medium arts;
  • Production.