The fairs

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  • Communal Handicraft Exhibition: This is organized by the Mayors of the 360 Municipal Councils and financed with the Council budget. The laureates are selected and sent to the Divisional Handicraft Exhibitions;
  • Divisional Handicraft Exhibitions: This trade fair is organized under the supervision of the Senior Divisional Officers and Coordinated by the Divisional Delegates of MINPMEESA. It is financed with MINPMEESA’s budget. The winners are selected and sent to compete with those of other Divisions at the Regional Handicraft Exhibitions;
  • Regional Handicraft Exhibitions: This exhibition is placed under the supervision of the Regional Governors and Coordinated by the Regional Delegates of MINPMEESA for the Regions. The fairs brings together winners from all the Divisions of the Region to compete and the best are selected to participated in the International Handicraft Exhibition of Cameroon abbreviated (SIARC);
  • The International Handicraft Exhibition of Cameroon (SAIRC): SIARC is usually placed under the distinguished patronage of His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Cameroon and supervised by the Minister in charge of Handicrafts. 510 laureates representing all the 10 Regions, 58 Divisions and 360 Sub Divisions are in attendance. The best are usually selected and awarded with prizes in varying trades;
  • International Handicraft Exhibitions: The Department of Handicrafts and Informal Sector Migrations (DAMSI) usually identify, select and accompany craftspeople to International fairs so as to enable them gain exposure, market their products, share experiences and get access to International Markets. Some of the fairs are;
  • Nigeria International Arts and Craft Expo ( INAC) Abuja, Nigeria;
  • Ivorian Handicraft Market (MIVA), Abidjan, Ivory Coast;
  • Ouagadougou International Handicrafts Fair ( SIAO) Burkina Faso;
  • Senegal International Handicraft Exhibition (SIAD) Dakar;
  • Togo International Handicraft Market (MIATO) Lomé…