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While presiding over the book signing ceremony of “Sublimes Tables”, the Secretary General, on behalf of the Ministry of SMEs, emphasised the need to restore the value of Cameroonian art, an important lever of national economic growth.

Mr Joseph TCHANA, as personal representative of the Minister of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts, chaired on 29 October 2020, the book signing of “Sublime Tables” subtitled ‘’ l’Art de la Table à l’Africaine” by Rachel Sabze Haman Mana. This ceremony took place at the Yaounde International Handicraft Centre of (CIAY), in the presence of members of the diplomatic corps and several other guests.

During the ceremony, “Made in Cameroon” handicraft products were in the spotlight. According to the author, this book results from a shocking remark. “That of having been struck by the proliferation of plastic bags in our kitchens, pots and tables, as well as imported kitchen utensils which have considerably replaced ours”. This book is therefore an invitation into symbiosis between tradition and modernity. It reminds us of “the necessity to move back to the use of our traditional materials and the importance of reconciling our African way of being with the presentation of our tables and dishes as it was done in the yesteryears”.

While congratulating the author for of this significant work of art, the Secretary General of MINPMEESA encouraged everyone “to turn resolutely towards the use of our handicraft products, especially those made with local materials; earthen (pottery and ceramics), wooden (trunk and green leaves)”. This return to our roots will enable our craftspeople to expand and make turnover thanks to the high demand, and thus boost more effectively the economic growth of our country, he added. Rachel Sabze Haman Mana, whose book is published by Schabel, is promoting Cameroonian arts and handicraft in her own way.

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