Call for Applications of 20 consultants in Advanced KAIZEN and Business Management in Douala

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MINPMEESA and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) are launching a call for candidates for recruitment in order to train:

•        10 Consultants specialized in Advanced KAIZEN.

•        10 Consultants specialized in Business Management.

Two training sessions of 4 weeks each, will be organized in Douala during the year 2024 according to the following schedule:




Number of participants


Advanced KAIZEN

Jan 15th to Feb 9th




Business management

May 21st to June 14th



NB: There will be a few spots for inspectors certified in basic KAIZEN.

The training will be conducted by Cameroonian and JICA’s experts, in the form of courses with case studies in the classroom and practical workshops in companies.

After the training, graduates with outstanding performance may have an opportunity to work with MINPMEESA and the SME Promotion Agency as consultants in Advanced KAIZEN and/or in Business Management.

 **Requirements for candidates who wish to become consultants (or inspectors) in Advanced KAIZEN and/or in Business Management:

          i.          Be a Basic KAIZEN consultant or inspector certified by MINPMEESA and JICA in Cameroon (who received Basic KAIZEN training from 2016 to 2023).

        ii.          Be available to take part in the training for 4 weeks every day from Monday to Friday.

(For inspectors, 5 weeks every day from Monday to Friday). 


·         There is a possibility to use one Saturday in case of force majeure/unforeseen event.

·         Due to the public holiday on Monday May 20, 2024, Saturday May 25 will be used for Business Management training.

      iii.          Be available to take part in the follow up (monitoring) session to the enterprises 6 times after the 4 weeks training.

       iv.         Have a digital camera and a laptop with an authentic version of Microsoft Windows and Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) well installed and an anti-virus that is up to date.

         v.         Be in good physical and mental health.

       vi.         Have an authorization from their hierarchy for employees and civil servants.

     vii.         Agree to receive only transportation charges during the training (there will be no per diem or accommodation fee).

 **In order to apply, you must:

1.      Download and fill in the following forms:

               i.     A cover letter in English or French.

             ii.     The questionnaire in English.

           iii.     Your CV in English if you wish to take the Business Management course (If you are only interested in the Advanced KAIZEN course, then a CV in French will be enough)

           iv.     An authorization letter from your company/institution (preferably scanned copy) in English or French, if you are an employee or civil servant.

Applicants who wish to be inspectors must also submit all documents from i to iv

Applications should be sent to the email address , latest on Monday 04th December 2023 at 11.59pm.

If the candidate does not receive a response 72 hours after sending their file to , please contact us.

The final selection will be made based on:

               i.     Study of the documents submitted by the candidates (Document i) to iv) above);

             ii.     Marks from the Basic KAIZEN training “Skill Maps”.

           iii.     Result of the Google survey form sent by the KAIZEN Project for the types of BDS provided.

  1. The results of the selection will be published on the 20th of Dec. 2023.


Project on Strengthening SME Competitiveness through Facilitating Access to KAIZEN/BDS

Questionnaire for Advanced Training