MINPMEESA and Association Route des Chefferie strengthen partnership ties through a convention

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It was under the auspices of Minister Achille BASSILEKIN III that the double ceremony of the convention signing between MINPMEESA and Association Route des Chefferie (ARDC) as well as the official launching ceremony of the entrepreneurship reinforcement project and employment of youths in the field of cultural and creative heritage industry within the context of the entrepreneurship days took place at the French Institute of Cameroon (IFC) on the 1st of October 2021.

Organized by the Association Route des Chefferie in partnership with IFC, the event that regrouped approximately 100 entrepreneurs in the field of cultural and creative heritage was an occasion for ADRC to enlighten the youths on the techniques and strategies of cultural and creative craftsmanship during which successful entrepreneurs like Arielle Kisito of Caysti and Zoul Hairatou Ahmad of O’Haira Wallet Food presented their stories as motivating factors to youths present.

Speaking during the event, Minister Achille BASSILEKIN III stated that, “the government through my voice has decided to join this brilliant initiative whose mission is to arouse amongst young people the interest in appropriating their heritage, their know-how and most especially their entrepreneurial value so as to contribute effectively and significantly in their own way to the economic and social development of our country”. To this effect, he applauded the initiative of Mr. Sylvain DJACHE NZEFA, General Coordinator of the Association Route des Chefferie, that of the technical and financial support of the French cooperation represented by Mr. Yann Lorvo, Director of IFC as well as the enormous participation of youths who are the primary target of the event.

Given that this event was also an occasion for both parties to solidify their union through a convention, Minister Achille BASSILEKIN III emphasized on the fact that the convention is in line with the NDS-30 orientations relative to the implementation of the development of handicrafts through the mobilization of public private initiatives aims at reinforcing the capacity of craftsmen and women, but also the promotion of industrial creativity and the support of youths. As such, this project will help in the emergence of the country especially in the cultural and creative heritage aspects. This convention also comes to fulfill the specific expectations of craftsmen and women especially those in Bafoussam and other regions. Besides the above, the realization of studies, search for finances and promotion of craft works as well as the elaboration of handicrafts cards is also a major content of this convention.

Sensitization talks also animated these days. As such, topics such as the “the business model cultural entrepreneurs and the creation of a cultural enterprise: administrative and physical procedures” as well as those on “how to finance a cultural project” were also edified.

Given the continuous existence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the impossibility to host the approximately 400 youths that solicited to be part of this event, it is worth stating that entrepreneurs from other regions such as Bafoussam, Douala, Ebolowa, Garoua, Maroua and the Dschang locality were given the opportunity to also be part of this event through a Video-conference.

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