MINPMEESA Bids farewell to outgoing Japanese Ambassador to Cameroon

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Cooperation ties were once more strengthened between MINPMEESA and Japan during the courtesy and farewell visit granted by Minister Achille BASSILEKIN III to H.E. Mr. OSAWA Tsutomu, outgoing Ambassador of Japan to Cameroon.

In an exchange between both parties during the farewell meeting, the Japanese diplomat expressed his gratitude for the excellent cooperation both structures have carried out in the field of SMEs and most especially within the framework of the KAIZEN Project since it entered into force on the 18th of February 2015 after a cooperation agreement was signed between both governments. He as well stated the importance of the KAIZEN project to the development of the SME sector in the Cameroon as was the case of Japan. H.E. Mr. OSAWA Tsutomu ended by expressing hopes that such cooperation will continue to benefit Cameroonian SMEs as well as increase their productivity and quality.

While thanking H.E. Mr. OSAWA Tsutomu, Minister Achille BASSILEKIN III on his part stated that the two phases of the KAIZEN project already executed in several regions of Cameroon have gone a long way in terms of support, training of trainers, improving the quality and productivity of SMEs not leaving out the development of the entire SME eco-system. He also confirmed the willingness of MINPMEESA not just to continue but also deepen the cooperation ties that have been ongoing through the KAIZEN project and other projects Cameroon is benefiting from. He also pleaded with the ambassador on the possibilities of giving post-COVID 19 technical and financial supports to SMEs, expanding other areas of cooperation and benefits for Cameroonian startups especially those in the field of innovation as well as tailoring Cameroonian SME needs in areas where Japan possesses a comparative advantage.

Besides the audience being an opportunity for both collaborators to explore the sustainability of the KAIZEN project financed by the Japanese Government, it should be noted that it also served as an opportunity for the presentation of the project for the creation of the Global Innovation Centre to the Japanese Ambassador with a view of a possible support from his country in due course as well as the presentation of some projects in need of financing and technical assistance formulated in the Ministry’s Advocacy Paper developed during the Cooperation and Partnership Days (JCP-MINPMEESA) held in July 2021.

It should be recalled that H.E. Mr. OSAWA Tsutomu is said to leave Cameroon this November 2021 after his stay in Cameroon for 3 years.

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