The Minister of SMEs, Social Economy and Handicrafts closed the celebrations marking the 4th edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Cameroon with a protocol ceremony. Placed under the theme ”Innovation and dynamisation of the entrepreneurial ecosystem”, this week mobilised various actors, through dense and varied activities throughout the national territory.

The information, awareness-raising and training activities enabled officials and key actors of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to inform, through their interventions, the participants and the general public on the policies for the promotion of innovative entrepreneurship, the opportunities and benefits for SMEs and the Cameroonian economy in general. There were also exchange and experience sharing sessions on the major concerns related to entrepreneurship in sectors with high growth potential.

The activities of promotion, support and networking of enterprises were an opportunity to bring together SME promoters, start-ups, large companies, public administrations, financial institutions, employers’ organisations, business creators, research institutes and project leaders from all sectors, given the global nature of entrepreneurship and innovation. The aim was to establish fruitful partnerships, to capture funding opportunities, and to get more companies to join employer structures.

SME promoters, for their part, were sensitised on the need to register with the National SME Data File, and of the benefits offered by the support mechanism of MINPMEESA, other administrations and development partners.

Business communication activities and exhibitions made it possible to show the know-how and innovations of local entrepreneurs. In addition, actions to revitalise the Entrepreneurship Clubs created in the Technical Education High Schools and the Open Days initiated by the Enterprises Creation Procedures Centres made it possible to raise awareness among young students on entrepreneurship issues.

In a special way, Yaounde welcomed the former Head of State of the transitional government of the Central African Republic, Mrs. Cathérine SAMBA PANZA, who came to keep alive and boost the flame of women’s leadership at the African Women Entrepreneurs Forum, which also attracted 115 delegates from 14 countries on 16 November 2022. “The Minister of Commerce and Small and Medium Enterprises and President of the Conference of Ministers of Commerce of the AfCFTA, Mr. Yves Fernand MANFOUMBI also honoured us with his presence during this celebration,” said the Minister of SMEs, Achille BASSILEKIN III.

On 17 November, the Minister of SMEs launched with CAWEECO at the Djeuga Palace the Women Entrepreneurship Day punctuated with various activities to strengthen the capacities of women entrepreneurs. This day was also a showcase of the know-how of women entrepreneurs in Cameroon with a special focus on entrepreneurs from the so-called Anglophone zone.


The effective participation of the various actors in the sittings resulted in suggestions aimed at improving the working environment of entrepreneurs, improving the business climate, taking into account the difficulties encountered by entrepreneurs in the exercise of their activities, facilitating access to financing, etc. H.E. Achille BASSILEKIN III said that he had recorded the most relevant proposals and promised to make an in- depth analysis so that, if necessary, they could be taken into account in the development of public policies to promote entrepreneurship. He also welcomed the progress and satisfactory results of many entrepreneurs in their activities, sign of their competence and dedication.

He also welcomed the results achieved through reflections on the promotion of innovation and the structuring of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. “For these to be fully relevant, follow-up mechanisms must be put in place as soon as possible to facilitate the evaluation that will be carried out at the appropriate time in consultation with the stakeholders,” he said.

The Global Entrepreneurship Week which is coming to an end has laid the foundations for a more dynamic private sector as prescribed by the National Development Strategy 2020-2030.

As a reminder, the private sector in general and SMEs in particular are the foundation on which the Government intends to revive the economic machine negatively impacted by the double crisis of the Covid 19 pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. “Entrepreneurs are therefore essential links without which the objectives of growth and economic development cannot be achieved,” he added.

He reiterated that within the framework of its missions to promote entrepreneurship and private initiative, MINPMEESA, in conjunction with the other ministerial departments concerned and other supervisory structures, remains ready, in all cases where its assistance is necessary, to support all actors wishing to seize the opportunities of an economic environment that is certainly open and competitive, but above all, full of growth prospects.

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