5th edition of the “Made in Cameroon” Handicraft exhibition: the Minister of SMEs, sponsor of the edition encourages craftspeople

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The premises of Hilton Hotel Yaounde were given a facelift on the 12th June 2021 to host the 5th edition of the handicraft exhibition co-organised by Minister Achille BASSILEKIN III and the General Manager of Hilton Hotel Yaounde, Julien BENSANÇON.

There were many visitors who appreciated and bought handicrafts products; it was an occasion for them to discover the various aspects of the handicraft sector in Cameroon (art-, production- and service-oriented handicraft) highlighted by about sixty different craftspeople from the textile, wood and agro sectors amongst others.

For the General Manager of Hilton Hotel, this initiative is an offer of visibility, promotion and marketing of locally made handicraft products. Julien BENSANÇON added that under the sponsorship of MINPMEESA, the exhibition witnessed a new dimension with variety of craftspeople, a 100% of a qualitative “Made in Cameroon” label and an excellent communication.

According to the Minister of SMEs, “such an event to support craftspeople is bound to have a bright future, and the Government remains willing to find many opportunities for them.” After visiting the stands, he said he was seduced by the quality of the articles produced with great care. While visiting the various stands, he encouraged the craftspeople to remain optimistic amidst the slow-down in economic activities caused by the current health crisis.  . “There are many opportunities ahead that will allow them to sell their productions. By the end of the year, we will organise the 7th edition of the Cameroon International Handicrafts Exhibition which will allow them to exchange with other craftspeople from the rest of the world, but also to sell their products,” he concluded.

By sponsoring this event, MINPMEESA intends to increase its initiatives towards the promotion of handicraft products in various markets with high added value, and the support to craftspeople to remain resilient faced with the economic slow-down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This event was also aimed at promoting the “Made in Cameroon” label through the marketing of quality handicraft products produced by local craftspeople; increasing productivity, know-how and profitability of craftspeople and handicraft enterprises in order to make them real wealth and job generators.