The 38th edition of the International Women’s Day (IWD 2023) under the theme:  “For an Inclusive Digital World, Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality” gave the Cameroonian government the opportunity to highlight its digital policy in favour of women. The female staff of the Ministry of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts was not left out.  They stood out through several activities carried out all through the week of festivities.

Thus, on 1st March 2023, the ladies of MINPMEESA organised at the International Handicraft Centre, a caravan to raise awareness and take parameters for glycaemia and arterial hypertension, which ended with a conference-debate on the central theme of the IWD 2023.  A practical workshop on textile dyeing, which was very popular, closed this first busy day.

Also, on 2 March 2023, in the hall of the ‘Immeuble Emergence’, a gastronomic fair with the flavours and varied cultures of Cameroon sent all occupants of this building in a mad rush.  In an unprecedented effervescence, the culinary art of the four corners of the country was revisited and appreciated by various palates.  From Ndomba de poissons to koki and crab okro soup, everything was appreciated.

To complete the health activities started on 1 March 2023, the sports walk organised by the Ministry for the Promotion of Women and the Family (MINPROFF) saw the massive participation of women from MINPMEESA, supported for the occasion by their male colleagues.  It was a beautiful moment of relaxation, communion and exchange between all the staff.

The enthusiasm then led the ladies of MINPMEESA to the Obili district, to the bedside of the orphans of the Saint Theresa Orphanage.  They were then equipped with all kinds of gifts to bring a smile back to the faces of these disadvantaged children.  Gas cooker, foodstuffs, clothes, cleaning and maintenance equipment, etc. made up the package offered.

The apotheosis of this celebration was the festive banquet offered by the Minister of SMEESEH, Achille BASSILEKIN III, which had several animations.  Next on the agenda was the march pass at the Boulevard du 20 mai presided over by Madam MINPROFF, personal representative of Madam Chantal BIYA, First Lady of Cameroon, this celebration around the Minister gave rise to a big parade.  The female staff first graced the guests with a fashion show presenting outfits from the four cultural areas of the country, before ending with various interpretations and performances by renowned artists.  The meal sealed the communion between the high hierarchy and all the staff.

MINPMEESA was very satisfied, congratulated the women and reiterated that it will pay more attention to them than in the past, as well as to the men.  For the year 2023, he intends to place particular emphasis on improving the working conditions of staff.

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