MINPMEESA marks its presence in the ongoing Global Entrepreneurship Congress

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With a view of preserving macroeconomic stability and supporting economic growth especially with respect to the development challenges States are facing, political decision-makers are currently focused on promoting entrepreneurship and supporting creativity and innovation with the aim to determine the chances of success and prosperity of economies around the world. This is within the context of the ongoing Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Amongst the political decision-makers present for the congress is Minister Achille BASSILEKIN III assisted by his Technical Advisor N° 1, Mrs. ABONGO Menanga Mireille and the Sub-Director of Promotional Actions at the SME Department Mrs. Zé Patricia who have been taking part since the 27th of March 2022.

The objectives of the Minister’s participation alongside his collaborators in this 12th edition are in four dimensions amongst others. Firstly, Cameroon aims to have a greater understanding of the reforms and strategies at the global level concerning the guiding framework for entrepreneurship as defined by UNCTAD; secondly, Cameroon aims to participate in strategic debates concerning the development of each country’s ecosystem of creativity in new technologies to support growth, the implementation within these ecosystems concerning the reduction of taxes, financial support for start-ups and many others; thirdly, is the country’s participation in the sharing of experiences to appropriately understand effective models of a favorable environment that will enable the discovery of efficient financing solutions for young entrepreneurs and fourthly, get Cameroonian startups to participate in the Startups Ministerial Summit.

Thanks to previous participations, Cameroon has already been able to ensure the revitalization of the young entrepreneurial ecosystem, the dissemination of the entrepreneurial culture within the population, the proliferation of business opportunities and entrepreneurial initiatives in favor of women and youths who represent more than two thirds of the population in sub-Saharan Africa and who are increasingly being active in the growth at the national, sub-regional and international levels.

It should be recalled the United Nations has been supporting since 2014 the need to set up a global framework for the promotion of Entrepreneurship in States and encourages specialized UN organizations such as UNCTAD or the International Trade Center to integrate priority aspects related to entrepreneurship in their development policies. This year’s edition marks Cameroon’s 4th participation. Besides personalities of ministerial rank, the Global Entrepreneurship Congress also regroups together senior administration officials in charge of entrepreneurship and innovation issues, entrepreneurs, investors, leaders, researchers, academics, experts, incubators, project leaders, from more than 170 countries around the world. The congress which is also hosting Cameroonian companies and its entrepreneurial stakeholders will run until March 30th 2022.

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