MINPMEESA expresses valedictions to outgoing Brazilian Ambassador to Cameroon

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Cooperation ties between Cameroon and Brazil have once more being strengthened. It was within the context of an audience granted by H.E Minister Achille BASSILEKIN III on Wednesday March 16th 2022 to H.E. Mrs. Vivian LOSS SANMARTIN, Ambassador of Brazil to Cameroon. The audience which also marks the end of her stay in Cameroon was an opportunity for both personalities to revisit the cooperation both countries share as well as say their goodbyes.

In the course of the audience, both parties revisited areas such as the Brazilian assistance to Cameroonian SMEs which is a partner country that has marked its interest in assisting Cameroon in the growth of agro-food SMEs. This audience gave both parties the opportunities to explore together how these initiatives will be implemented in the upcoming months. As such, they remained optimistic that the perspectives arrived at will go a long way to ameliorate the growth and productivity of sectors such as the transformation of wood, confection of cuir and textile, agro-food, just to name but a few.

Speaking to the media, H.E. Mrs. Vivian LOSS SANMARTIN stated that her visit was not only linked to cooperation but served as a forum to thank H.E Minister Achille BASSILEKIN III for the excellent relations and collaboration both structures have shared within the three and half years of her service in Cameroon. She also mentioned that the exchange was also centered on a project in view of putting the Brazilian Service for Small and Micro at the services of MINPMEESA and agro-food SMEs. Despite this project being at the conception stage, the outgoing Brazilian boss stressed on the fact that her successor will see into the pilot phase as well as the implementation of this project in Cameroon for the benefit of SMEs. Given that Brazil possesses a giant production of ago food which can foster the modernization of this Cameroonian sector in Cameroon, the outgoing Brazilian ambassador expressed her optimism on the part of her successor in bringing forth the Brazilian experience and know-how in the fields of handicrafts, sales strategy and more for the benefit of the agro-food industry in Cameroon and other related stakeholders of this sector.

It should be recalled that H.E Vivian LOSS SANMARTIN was received in audience by H.E Minister Achille BASSILEKIN III on the 22nd of October 2021 during which both parties focused on the training of organizations concerned with agro food processing with the assistance of the Brazilian Agency for Cooperation and the Brazilian Service for Small and Micro. Set to exit the Cameroonian territory as Brazilian Ambassador to Cameroon, H.E Vivian LOSS SANMARTIN promised to remain in touch through virtual meetings.

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