Limbe hosted the 6th edition of the sensitisation caravans on Accredited Management Centres

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In line with the national mobilization actions aimed at popularizing the activities of Accredited Management Centres (AMCs) in the public and private administrative sector as well as the sensitisation of SMEs in a bid to generate massive membership in AMCs, the 6th edition of the awareness raising caravans on AMCs has being carried out in the South West region.

Under the theme, Membership in the Accredited Management Centres, key factor of the formalization and competitiveness of SMEs, catalyst of the dynamics of the private sector, the two days caravan held from the 04th to 05th August 2021 was geared towards raising the awareness of economic actors of this region to massively adhere to AMC thereby accelerating the process of formalising their economic activities. This therefore constituted a series of workshops with specifications on the road map, institutional position of AMCs, thematic presentations and proposals for better promotion of AMCs.

Speaking during the caravan exercise, Minister Achille BASSILEKIN III emphasized that this campaign serves as a channel for the enlargement of the physical base of the country’s economy. He also highlighted on the necessity of improving the traceability of AMCs in the South West region and having them adhere massively to the Centers.

This caravan also serves as an opportunity to promote and make AMCs known to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the general public, to inform and sensitise the private sector on the opportunities offered by lifting of tariff barriers inherent to the entry into force of the Treaty establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA) as well as the continuous advocacy for pertinent sectorial administrations to facilitate the conditions and procedures for issuing approval for the creation of AMCs.

Worthy to note that these sensitisation caravans had begun since 2016 and this 6th edition follows that which took place in Ebolowa.

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